I am a great fan of analogue photography and I develop films and print pictures myself at the local darkroom. I have several cameras such as an old Praktica and Nikon. One of my passions are snapshots. I use different Lomography cameras and toy-cameras. I started with a LOMO LC-A camera which my father gave to me when I was a child. It finally broke after all this years and my new all-time favourite is the Diana Mini.

The following pictures are taken with different Lomography cameras. The effects come from multi exposure, incomplete film transport, colour slide films and experimental chemical mixtures during development.

I also experiment with black and white film. I love the Lith printing technique and the next selection shows some interesting examples. The results depend very much on the choice of paper and light exposure.

My latest ventures are into the world of near infrared. Infrared photography uses wavelengths from 700nm to 900nm. I use the classical Hoya R72 filter with a normal Canon G12 camera. The G12 is fairly sensitive to IR and under good conditions exposures of 1/8 second are possible. The effect of IR photography is mainly of bright white foliage and the deep contrasts. IR pictures also have a great clarity as scattering is much reduced for longer wavelengths.